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Learning Experience Topics

To facilitate writing an LLA that aligns students' prior learning experiences with college-level learning, an LLA Topic Description List is provided below. Students should select the topic that best matches their experience and then write an essay (see Regulations and Standards section) based on the subtopics from the respective topic.
Credit is not awarded for experience alone, but for the learning that followed the experience. Students are asked to provide ample evidence of knowledge and application from their prior experience related to the respective subtopics they've chosen. Students must demonstrate a connection with theory from the subtopics and applied knowledge from their real-life experiences. That is, they must demonstrate that they possess college-level knowledge and skills as a result of their extensive prior experience.
For success, students must have firsthand experience in the subtopic chosen and should have several years of direct experience. In other words, the LLA is not an independent study where the student tries to gain new knowledge, but instead it serves as an opportunity to reward students for already acquired mastery of college-level knowledge in a specific subject area based on a life experience.

View the LLA Topic Description List, which provides the range of subtopics for a number of available LLA categories.

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