Military FAQs

Grand Canyon University strives to meet the needs of their students. Below are answers to our commonly asked questions by our military students.

  1. Q: Is GCU a school recognized by Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC)?
    A: Yes, GCU is proud to be a member of the SOC consortium schools.

  2. Q: Why is it important for Grand Canyon University to be a member of SOC schools?
  3. A: SOC Consortium colleges pledge to be military-friendly. They design policies within the areas of student services, admissions, and marketing that provide accurate information regarding the school, its degree programs, policies, and procedures. Details can be found in the SOC Consortium Military Student Bill of Rights. (

  4. Q: What are considered appropriate alternative methods of college credit?
    A: A maximum of 30 credits, combined from the list below, can come from alternative credit options: 
    • CLEP
    • DANTES
    • Excelsior
    • AP
    • IB
    • GCU Approved Certificates
    • ACE approved credits
    • Lifelong Learning Assessments (maximum of 8 credits awarded)
    • Professional Schools and Training

  5. Q: Will military training credits apply towards a degree at Grand Canyon University?
    A: In addition to other alternative methods of earning college credit listed above, GCU will award an additional 30 credits for military training and experience as included on the ARMY/ACE REGISTRY TRANSCRIPT SYSTEM (AARTS) and SAILOR/MARINE/ACE REGISTRY TRANSCRIPT (SMART). In conjunction with the other alternative credit methods, military students can transfer in up to 60 credits (30 military training and 30 alternative credit methods).
    Credits earned above 60 credits, must transfer in from a regionally, accredited institution.

  6. Q: What information is on the AARTS and SMART transcripts?
    A: AARTS and SMART transcripts track all of the service member's or veteran's military training and coursework. These transcripts are created by the Army, Navy and Marine Corps in partnership with the American Council on Education (ACE). Similar in format to college transfer transcripts, the AARTS and SMART transcripts list courses completed and occupations evaluated by ACE. It also includes course or occupation descriptions, learning outcomes, equivalent college credit recommendations and national college-level exam results.

  7. Q: What other documentation with GCU accept in place of AARTS and SMART transcripts?
    A: Grand Canyon University will accept the DD Form 295, Application for the Evaluation of Learning Experience during Military Service and the DD form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. More information about these transcripts is available at

  8. Q: What needs to be submitted if a student serviced prior to 1981?
    A: Students need to submit a copy of their DD 214 or DD 295 for evaluation.

  9. Q: What programs at Grand Canyon University are military friendly?
    A: Students have the option to enroll into any of our programs. GCU Programs of Study can be found at this link. To discuss these programs in more depth, please contact your Enrollment Counselor or Academic Counselor for additional details.