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College of Doctoral Studies Open House


The College of Doctoral Studies offers doctorate degree programs that are dynamic, responding to the needs of a global society. Each program uses a unique blend of coursework that follows Grand

Canyon University's commitment to servant Leadership.

  • Integrated curriculum that optimizes successful completion of the dissertation
  • Values-based curriculum in the development of leaders
  • Online doctoral community that enhances the development of collegial scholarship
  • Engaged full-time and practitioner faculty
  • Supportive services provided throughout the program
  • Curriculum designed in collaboration with experts in their respective colleges




Doctoral Degrees

Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in:

  • Christian Ministry - NEW
  • Special Education - NEW
  • Behavioral Health
  • Higher Education Leadership
  • K-12 Leadership
  • Organizational Development

Doctor of Business Administratiowith an Emphasis in Management

Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology with an Emphasis in:

  • Integrated Technology, Learning and Psychology * - NEW
  • Performance Psychology * - NEW
  • Cognition and Instruction *
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology *

* This degree is not intended for those seeking licensure in clinical practice. Those interested in licensure or certification should identify the applicable requirements by inquiring directly with their state or province.


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