The Arts

Grand Canyon University is pleased to announce the following productions and events for the 2014 - 2015 season. Please visit often as additional information on these and other productions as they become available.



28 - 30 Shakespeare's As You Like It
Opening Weekend



4 - 6 Shakespeare's As You Like It
Closing Weekend



9 - 11 Scapin
Opening Weekend
16 - 18 Scapin
Closing Weekend



13 - 15 Die Fledermaus
Opening Weekend
20 - 22 Die Fledermaus
Closing Weekend



4 - 5 Winter Dance Concert
Ethington Theatre

From set build to set strike, take a fast forward look at an Ethington Theater production.

Are you interested in a career in theatre or theatre education?

With a rich, 40-year history, GCU's Department of Theatre & Drama is known for its outstanding programs for a degree in theatre and preparing its graduates to succeed in their chosen path after graduation.

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