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College of Fine Arts and Production Audition

Does the thought of studying music composition and developing your musical skill excite you? Are you passionate about drama and destined for the theatre stage? The College of Fine Arts and Production at Grand Canyon University hosts a rich learning environment for students dedicated to the fine arts. One of the first steps in the admissions process requires all incoming music and drama students to audition to be accepted into our Bachelor of Arts programs. The audition is also used as a basis for awarding scholarships.



Audition Locations

Music auditions will be held in Building 10.
Theater auditions will be held at Ethington Theater on the GCU campus.
Dance auditions will be held in the Sanctuary Room on the second floor of the Student Recreation Center on the GCU campus.
Pep Band auditions will be held in Building 10 from 3pm to 5pm.  

**Please note that each individual program major contains its own set of criteria for the audition process. 

More information on program specific requirements for auditions