Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Biblical Studies

Graduates of Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Biblical Studies program will utilize biblical studies as the foundation, and an understanding of theology, philosophy and Christian history as the framework for communicating Christ to various audiences. In addition to spiritual formation and exegetical skills essential to Christian Studies, graduates will be able to employ communication, leadership and organizational skills necessary for effective ministry.

Those seeking a biblical studies degree are passionate about serving Christ and may be prepared for a variety of leadership positions. Successful graduates may find opportunities in working as a missionary, Bible school teacher, chaplain or worship coordinator.

In earning a BA in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Biblical Studies, you will examine the history of Christianity and the development of Christian values as well as gain a deeper understanding of major contemporary religions of the world. Students will study the major doctrines of the Christian religion and the basic disciplines of Christian discipleship. Students will learn about every facet of the Bible, from the Pentateuch to the Revelation, along with how to teach the Bible to a variety of audiences from a student group to a church congregation. Students will also explore teaching styles and methods to prepare them to give lessons and deliver sermons.

In completing a bachelors degree with an emphasis in biblical studies, you will complete a set of specialized courses that will prepare for a variety of Christian leadership positions. Specialized Old Testament coursework will focus on the Hebrew Writings, the Old Testament Wisdom Literature, and the Old Testament Prophets while the New Testament specialized coursework will focus on the writing of Paul and John and the other letters to the Church. Having studied these major portions of the Bible in some depth, students will be equipped for teaching and leading in ministry.

This program is offered in the following formats or locations:

Main Campus

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