Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design with an Emphasis in Animation

The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design with an Emphasis in Animation program equips students with the design skills to enter the expanding world of animation, which is not limited to cartoons. A digital design degree with a specialization in animation prepares you to work in a variety of areas including television, film, computer applications and games, technical simulations in manufacturing and medical industries, architectural visualization, new product development and more.

The foundation of this animation degree focuses on the study of drawing, color, typography, photography and composition skills. As a digital design student you will study the business aspects of running a design studio.You will also engage in all aspects of design, including drawing for the visual arts, design fundamentals, figure drawing, sculpture and Web design. The program also encompasses digital photography in which you will shoot raw and apply an array of advanced photography techniques to create visual art. You will explore lighting and high dynamic range imaging to create styles and various uses of photography.

The writing-intensive history of design course emphasizes past and current developments in the digital and information age, including visual arts, graphic design, animation, genres of design and influence of graphic artists and animators through the ages. You will also learn essential business skills necessary for the design practice and profession, ranging from legal issues and project management to finances and human resources.

While earning a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design with an Emphasis in Animation, you will create content for courses in 2D animation design, 3D modeling design and 3-D animation and the mechanics of motion will expose you to vector-based design tools used to create moving design, three-dimensional concepts, the production cycle of animation and more. Through in-depth studies and hands-on experience, you will work to improve your storytelling skills and build character models, as well as develop basic rigging, lighting and textures. You will also study the development pipeline from story idea to final rendering. Design for motion graphics is a focus in the study of kinetic type and graphics primarily seen in television and film title sequences.

Grand Canyon University is committed to building a creative community on campus and connecting to the design community. You are encouraged to get involved on campus to enhance learning experiences. A student design organization and AIGA chapter provide opportunities for you to participate in design beyond the classroom. You are required to have your own laptop and a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud for the duration of your animation program.

This program is offered in the following formats or locations:

Main Campus

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