Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film with an Emphasis in Production

The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film with an Emphasis in Production program develops leaders in the fields of narrative film and video production. The video production degree program prepares graduates with the video digital production, screenwriting, cinematography and cinema directing skills to fulfill roles such as director, cinematographer, editor, sound mixer, videographer, producer and screenwriter. By earning this video production degree, you will possess the technical and aesthetic knowledge and training for media and motion picture productions. The curriculum will expose you to the language of film and digital video, the craft and imagination of writing, nonlinear editing, audio production for cinema and techniques for directing.

The video production degree program is built on developing a strong foundation in narrative storytelling, creativity, technical skills and hands-on experience necessary to express, design and deliver poignant messages. During the visual storytelling course, you will discover and develop your unique voice as a writer while understanding the critical importance of working as a creative team.

Equipped with a digital film degree, you will have the demonstrable ability to survey music video and documentary productions, which includes studying, analyzing and implementing techniques for both types of productions. You will learn how to perform well in a digital production team environment and adhere to deadlines, time constraints and medium limitations. In addition, you will develop an understanding of the art of cinematic storytelling and montage, including an exploration of cuing, performing and editing of Foley and Automated Dialogue Replacement.

As a digital film student, you will gain an introduction to cinema, including a study of the multiple eras and movements in film history. The technical and aesthetic aspects of small format digital production are explored as well as the basic principles of motion picture production. The process beyond the creation of the production, including film financing, budgeting and distribution is also examined. This program will provide you with skills and experience in acting and directing. You will participate on both sides of the camera through course sessions designed with lecture, practical exercises, preparation for analyzing and blocking a scene, and working on a set.

The program concludes with a digital production practicum that will teach you how to use different media forms to express creativity and ideas. You will analyze a script by identifying character objectives, through-lines, key facts, circumstances and emotional events while transferring that to an on-set production experience. This practicum focuses on the process and completion of a short production piece.

This program is offered in the following formats or locations:

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