Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with an Emphasis in Business Entrepreneurship

GCU's cutting-edge Bachelor of Science in Information Technology programs offer learners the skills to integrate information systems and develop business applications for improved user efficiency. The emphasis in business entrepreneurship channels a learner's innovative desires to create companies that capture value and demand across the tech sector.

Graduates are provided with the knowledge to build and leverage networks, to identify suitable business opportunities. The program instills a deep appreciation of the end product. It prepares learners to create tech interfaces that can access information at a greater pace.

The entrepreneurship emphasis offers a deep understanding of business strategy in information systems, which includes:

  • Planning and managing projects
  • Growing business opportunities
  • Identifying market opportunities
  • Commercializing original products and services, and
  • Creating innovative work environments

At the core of an information technology program at GCU, a wide array of topics in IT are captured, including:

  • Platform technologies
  • Networking
  • Information assurance
  • Security and management
  • Programming fundamentals
  • Human-computer interactions
  • Cloud computing, and
  • Web systems and technologies

The program puts a heavy focus on problem-solving that transcends information technology. It instills critical thinking, real-world application and practical project experience. Learners are taught to embody professional and ethical practices that matter across the landscape of information technology through the lens of the Christian worldview.

Key Competencies

  • Entrepreneurial Management Skills: Build and leverage networks to identify business opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Manage creativity and innovation to develop and launch groundbreaking ideas that capture value.
  • Innovation: Create innovative work environments at organizations of different scale, to meet competitive demands.
  • Social Responsibility: Recognize the importance of societal wealth ventures, social responsibility and community outreach, to balance private and social interests.

Careers in Information Technology

  • Information systems manager
  • Information security specialist
  • IT project manager
  • Network support specialist
  • Systems programmer
  • IT instructor
  • App developer
  • Operations research analyst

This program is offered in the following formats or locations:

Main Campus

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