Bachelor of Science in Sociology

The Bachelor of Science in Sociology degree encourages students to think deeply and seriously, using both the Christian and scientific perspectives, about the consequences of social structures upon human social behavior in its many diverse contexts.

A sociology degree can prepare students for a wide variety of careers including those in social services, social research, data analysis and human resources. Examples of the types of jobs an individual with a sociology degree may wish to pursue include: a workers advocate, youth services provider, probation/parole officer, police officer, FBI agent, recreational therapist, grass roots/human rights organizer, community relations, community health education, data analyst for local and state government, employment specialist, and human resources generalist.

Sociology students will explore the various issues and problems faced by contemporary American society including crime, drug abuse, sexual variance, poverty, overpopulation and family relations.

This sociology degree also examines the variety of cultures that have developed in human society including preliterate peoples in comparison with contemporary as well as other cultures. Students will learn how to apply sociological research on marriage and family life to students past and future lives. Minority groups in the United States and their sociological significance in the history of the nation and current culture are studied. Students will also investigate the dynamics of hierarchies of power, wealth and prestige within and among human social systems, with particular attention given to the causes and effects of marked inequity.

* Please refer to the Academic Catalog for more information. Program subject to change.