Doctor of Nursing Practice

The practice-focused Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is designed to prepare advanced-practice nurses and MSN-degreed nurse leaders to translate existing research into innovative solutions that improve health care outcomes and promote change leadership in organizations.

Elevating nursing practice and leadership

Through rigorous curriculum and peer discussion, DNP scholars expand current theoretical and scientific foundations of health care practice, including the discipline knowledge base, the design and evaluation of clinical solutions and clinical and organizational change leadership with topics including:

  • Health care information technology
  • Emerging areas of human health
  • Applied science in advanced nursing
  • Translation of research into practice
  • Population management
  • Data analysis
  • Patient outcomes and sustainable change
  • Leadership for advanced nursing practice

Throughout the Doctor of Nursing Practice program, scholars are immersed in practice activities that provide greater depth and application to learning. Learners will identify an organizational change leadership topic or health practice that will become the basis of the Direct Practice Improvement (DPI), to be carried out prior to completion of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program.

* Please refer to the Academic Catalog for more information. Program subject to change.