Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Health Care Administration

For those looking to advance their leadership skills in health care administration, Grand Canyon University (GCU) offers an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Health Care Administration. Through the programs specially designed curriculum, learners enhance their knowledge of leadership within the field of health care, while learning research skills that are applicable to organizational settings. Graduates of the Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Health Care Administration typically work in roles where they direct medical or health services in hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, public health agencies or similar organizations.

The Doctor of Health Administration program covers modern topics and issues facing the health care industry, including the various governance structures and their connections to leadership. For example, learners are prepared to understand public, private, nonprofit and for-profit governance structures. In addition, this Ed.D. in Health Care Administration program focuses on the many levels of regulations health care administrators must grapple with. From state, medical and professional boards to the federal government, the effects of mandatory and voluntary measures are discussed.

Becoming an Effective Leader in Health Care Administration

Effective leaders must understand how to create and foster a collaborative community as well as develop employees who achieve their maximum potential. The Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Health Care Administration helps learners understand how to create a culture of shared values and, in turn, how to promote organizational excellence. Doctoral learners also explore the importance of assessing the current culture of an organization using systems thinking and interprofessional teaming strategies. In addition, change management and innovation for continuous improvement are integral concepts of focus in the program. These and other topics prepare learners to develop employees and create positive organizational work environments.

The Doctoral Journey at Grand Canyon University

GCU's doctoral programs include an integrated dissertation process as well as a dynamic community that supports learners along their doctoral journey. Unlike many doctoral programs where students are expected to complete a core set of specializations prior to beginning their dissertation; GCU's doctoral learners begin the dissertation process from the beginning of their program of study. From the very first course, learners begin researching the topic for their dissertation and through subsequent milestones, progressively build the skills and understanding necessary to research, write and, finally, defend their dissertation. GCU's formative approach to the dissertation process is supported by expert faculty, professional staff, academic counselors and distinctive resources, making the dissertation journey as seamless as possible.

This program is offered in the following formats or locations:


The dynamic capabilities of GCUs online curriculum offer considerable flexibility and convenience for career oriented professionals who are pursuing their educational goals. Full time faculty members, equipped with strong academic backgrounds and practical experience in their fields, support you every step of the way. Our small class sizes provide an intimate environment that stimulates engaging and challenging discussions. Classes begin frequently.


The convenience of GCUs evening programs cater to the demands of working professionals. Evening classes meet once per week and offer the interaction and discussion of a typical college classroom, filled with career minded individuals. Evening class sizes are kept small, providing a warm nurturing environment that supports an engaging experience. Classes begin frequently at various locations.

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