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Patricia Allison

College of Doctoral Studies

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Dr. Patricia Allison was awarded a Doctor of Education for Educational Leadership from the University of Phoenix. Her dissertation dealt with a Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of Leadership Capacity Building in a Phoenix Elementary School District. Dr. Allison earned an M.A. in Administration and Supervision with a Concentration on administration for the school principalship from Arizona State University. She also earned a B.A. in Elementary Education from Wichita State University. Professionally, Dr. Allison has served as the program specialist for the Arizona Department of Education and as an Administrator and Director for a Phoenix inner city school district prior to holding her current position as Adjunct faculty for GCU.

Dr. Allison considers it a blessing to be able to help others reach their life goal of earning a doctorate. She firmly believes in the willingness to share personal struggles with her students in order to provide encouragement and a genuine perspective. Countless students have thanked Dr. Allison for helping to alleviate their fears of not being able to reach the important step of tackling their dissertation. Dr. Allison cites the key benefit to teaching online is the ability to work and also care for her mother when she needs to be away from my home.

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