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Wayne Schmidt

College of Doctoral Studies

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Dr. Wayne Schmidt attended and graduated from Concordia University in Chicago, Long Beach State University, and Arizona State University earning Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees from those institutions, respectively. Dr. Schmidt's doctoral dissertation research focused on using collaborative inquiry as professional development for teachers. He has spent 36 years in the education field with those years divided into two equal halves. The first 18 were spent largely as a junior high school teacher and the second 18 as the principal of a K-8 school in southwestern part of the U.S. Dr. Schmidt has been the founding chair of two committees in the Pacific Southwest District; the first being the District Testing Committee and the second was the District Curriculum Task Force.

Dr. Schmidt believes the ultimate goal of teaching is to make our students better people. So, whenever possible, he uses whatever the lesson of the day is to springboard into a larger lesson that, hopefully, the students can carry with them outside the classroom. In his spare time, Wayne likes to read good mysteries, tinker with computers, and play guitar. He has been fortunate enough to travel and has been to nearly all 50 states, Europe several times, and Egypt.

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