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Jackie Olson

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Dr. Jacqueline Olson attend Arizona State University completed her B.A. in Elementary Education with a focus on Literacy. Dr. Olson completed her M.A. in Elementary Education with a focus on English Language Learners. Finally, Dr. Olson earned an Ed.D. in Education Administration and Supervision in 2004 with the focus of her dissertation on high school Algebra intervention programs. She also holds her Superintendent's Licensure and an ESL endorsement. From 1993 to 2001 I was a classroom teacher and the Curriculum Chairperson for six years. From 2001 to 2008, Dr. Olson served as a District Coordinator for K-12 teachers in the areas of Sheltered English training to comply with ESL laws in Arizona and the Mathematics Director for K-12 Mathematics. She assisted with developing and conducting trainings, selection of textbook and instructional materials, maintaining budgets, acquiring and managing grants, as well as presenting at school board meetings. Dr. Olson loves helping others and watching people learn and understand something that they want to know. She likes to use real life examples and connect new information to what people already know. To her, learning is a lifelong process and something we do naturally. Jacqueline enjoys being in nature during her free time, whether hiking, camping, or gardening.

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