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Dr. Guna David Moses has a Ph.D. in Biology with Research emphasis on Reproductive Toxicology from Gujarat University in India. She also received her Master's and Bachelor's Degree from the University of Madras through Madras Christian College and Women's Christian College of Madras, India. The Ph.D. work entitled "Studies on fluoride toxicity in maternal, neonatal and postnatal rodents" focused on the effect of Fluoride on maternal, neonatal and postnatal rodents, as well as the amelioration by co-administration of vitamin cocktails. The results were extrapolated to human beings and recommendations made for safe use of fluoride and thus, published extensively in journals of repute. Several of the articles have been cited in many other papers including WHO and EPA. Dr. David Moses recently completed her certification in the "Clinical Research Coordinator Program "from Gateway Community College.

Prior to joining Grand Canyon University as a full time faculty, Dr. David Moses was an adjunct Biology professor at Estrella Mountain Community. She has immense research experience as a Post -Doctoral Research fellow with focus on Alzheimer's disease for about 5 years with Banner Sun Health Research Institute and as a Research Officer in Jai Research Institute. As a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Guna worked in the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Research briefly studying the impact of myocardial infarction on heart and brain cells of rats. The majority of her Post-Doctoral work was carried out while working in the Laboratory of Neuroinflammation in Sun Health Research Institute (Banner Health as of Sep. 2008). While doing her Ph. D., Dr. David Moses was employed with the Jai Research Foundation, a pioneering Contract Research Facility, testing pesticides and conducting Toxicological experimental studies. During this time, she also took on several leadership positions by serving as the Lead Study Director and Editor for a prominent Jai Research Foundation journal.

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