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Hazel Trauffer

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Dr. Hazel Trauffer earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Education (Bethlehem Moravian College, UWI) and Business Administration (Hamilton University), and earned her doctorate (PhD) in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. Her job and career history include teaching High School English and Mathematics; adjudicating Speech and Drama for the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission; functioning as Public Relations & Sales Manager for major tourist destinations; performing the role of Learning & Development Specialist and Training Consultant for a major IT company; and serving as Adjunct Faculty for GCU. Regardless of the title, her role has always been to help clients meet their goals, whether that client was a classroom student, or a client in public or private enterprise.

Dr. Trauffer believes that education should concern itself primarily with developing the mind to reach its full potential, with consideration given to the learner's ability to engage the new knowledge to identify and solve complex problems, as the performance learning filter, while instructors guide discussions to facilitate learning. The motto of Bethlehem Moravian College, her alma mater, is "Mihi cura futuri" and may be transliterated, "My care is for the future;" or, put in simpler terms, "The future is in my hands." This motto has served as a beacon in the decisions she has made. In her spare time, Hazel enjoys making old things new again - think flea marketing and antique shopping and reading anything philosophical. She is Jamaican by birth and a naturalized US citizen.

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