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Kathryn Turk

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Dr. Kathryn Turk's nursing career trajectory has provided her with a wealth of international nursing experiences. Her clinical background has been in acute care, mainly ER, ICU, and Cardiovascular ICU. She lived in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and practiced nursing in that country for seven years. In doing so, she was able to travel the world and experience peoples of all cultures, ethnic groups and religions.
Dr. Turk is involved in many international medical mission efforts, such as Flying Doctors of America, Project Hope, Groundwork Guatemala, and several other service organizations. She teaches clinical nursing in a variety of Universities throughout China each year. In fact, she was host to a delegation of Chinese nursing educators and students for Grand Canyon University, which proved to be instrumental in designing a shared nursing exchange program for Grand Canyon University. Her interest in international nursing partnerships is supported by her love of diversity and vulnerable populations. Dr. Turk 's doctoral work focuses on the GLBTQ community and the health disparity that exists for that population. In addition to directing the FNP program at GCU, Kathryn practices as a family nurse practitioner for the underserved urban population in Phoenix, Arizona .

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