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Korena Fine

College of Nursing and Health Care Professions

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Korena Fine received an MSN from the University of Phoenix with an emphasis in nursing education and a BSN from Grand Canyon University. It has always been Korena's goal to return to academia and educate future nursing professionals. Korena possesses a great deal of experience in the field evidenced through her several years at the Phoenix VA Medical Center's intensive care unit. During that service to the veteran population, Korena was given the opportunity to work with nursing students within the facility as a clinical instructor. Afterwards, Korena pursued a Master's degree and joined the GCU College of Nursing. Learning is a life-long process and nursing has allowed Korena to explore various avenues of service; initially with patients and now to students.

Korena enjoys seeing the light bulb come on in her students' minds and observing the connection between learning. Because GCU fosters intellectual and spiritual growth, Korena strives to provide opportunities for students to grow in both areas. Korena has a wonderful family and loves animals; golden retrievers, in particular. She also enjoys mission work and has travelled to Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, and Ghana.

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