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Darlene White

College of Doctoral Studies

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Dr. Darlene White holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in education from Arizona State University, a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University, and a Master's of Divinity degree from Virginia Union University-Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology. Dr. White has been involved in public education since 1973. In fact, she has served in a number of instructional and administrative roles for both general and special education in the states of Arizona, Colorado, and Virginia. Dr. White has served in a plethora of instructional and leadership roles within special and general education including teacher, district consultant, assistant director, elementary principal, district director, superintendent of school district and a state-wide program.

Additionally, Dr. White has taught undergraduate and graduate coursework related to special education and school leadership. Throughout her career, she has served her communities through a number of professional associations, as well as community and faith based boards and commissions. Among the greatest lessons learned during her career and community service is that the determination and compassion of few committed individuals can create powerful changes in our communities and schools.

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