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Founded in 1949, Grand Canyon University (GCU)
is one of Arizona's leading higher learning institutions.

College of Doctoral Studies

The only thing constant is change. Today that change is more rapid and dynamic than ever. As a result, organizations must adapt, redefine and develop themselves if they are going to succeed. This requires leaders with an in-depth understanding of the nature and dynamics of organizational theory and behavior; including organizational structure, culture, design, motivation, communication and decision-making.

For over 60 years, Grand Canyon University has been preparing future leaders for the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly complex world. Our doctoral programs help professionals develop the insight and inspiration needed to take organizations to the next level of productivity and prosperity. Going beyond the typical program of study to focus on servant leadership, innovation and ethics, Grand Canyon University's doctoral programs offer you a rare opportunity to evolve your leadership expertise in ways that positively impact all stakeholders in your organization.