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Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Students

What happens at the Discover GCU program?
Discover GCU provides an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to experience Grand Canyon University campus life and stay overnight in a residence hall with other prospective GCU students. The program is a snapshot of campus life that includes a campus tour, meals during the program, student activities and an opportunity to learn more about your program of study. Students will move into the dorm where they will have the opportunity to socialize with GCU students and participate in fun activities for the rest of the evening. Parents are welcome to attend a campus tour as students check in to the event. Parents will also receive an information packet to take home. All events are scheduled and guests will follow an agenda with choices for evening programming that may include worship, sports and/or various entertainment activities.

Who can attend Discover GCU?
Arizona Residents: Juniors and seniors in their spring semester and seniors in high school who are admissible to GCU may register to participate in Discover GCU.

Non-Arizona Residents: Juniors in their spring semester and seniors in high school who are admissible to GCU and have completed their GCU application may register to participate in Discover GCU.

Throughout the year, we also have special events for transfer students and/or students between the ages of 22 - 24. Please contact your admissions representative for more details.

Is there a cost to attend this event?
Discover GCU is provided at no cost. Space is limited and students must be registered and submit required documents to attend. We recommend you bring extra cash to purchase snacks or GCU gear.

How do I register for Discover GCU?
Register online at, download the required documents as you register and upload the documents back to the website. The deadline is one week prior to the event date.

If you are having trouble uploading your documents fax them to 602-761-3308 or email them to After you have registered online, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.  A few days prior to your scheduled event you will receive a phone call from your GCU host to clarify any specific questions.  

What time does the event begin and end?
Check-in begins at 2:00 pm the first evening of the event. Parents may attend a campus tour beginning at 2:30 pm and will receive at informational packet. The event concludes at 12:30 pm the following day.

Where will prospective students stay?
Prospective students will stay in Hegel Hall, one of GCU's suite-style residence halls, with other prospective students.

Where will other visitors stay?
Only prospective students may stay in the residence halls on campus. Parents and other guests should make other arrangements off campus. The Grand Canyon University Hotel offers excellent accommodations and is only a two-mile shuttle away from campus. Make a reservation at  Visitor resource information is also available on our website at or visit

Can I bring a friend?
All participants must meet the requirements to attend Discover GCU (see "Who Can Attend Discover GCU?") and register online prior to the event. Only students who are confirmed to attend may participate in Discover GCU.

What should I bring?
Students will be provided with a list of what to bring with their confirmation to attend Discover GCU. All personal items should be tagged with your name and cell phone number. Please do not bring any valuables.

I am not able to spend the night. Can I participate in only the program?
Please contact an admissions representative at 855-428-7884 for program options.

Who will I be rooming with?
Students are placed in a room with other prospective GCU students based on gender. Males and females cannot room together.

I am flying to Phoenix for Discover GCU. How should I plan my trip?
After you have registered online and provided your required documents, including transcripts and application, you can make your travel arrangements. You can make your travel arrangements after receiving your confirmation email.  We highly encourage each student to speak to their admissions representative prior to registering online; we may be able to provide pre-scheduled GCU-sponsored travel from select cities. Flights should be planned around the event hours (see "What time does the event being and end?").

Will airport shuttles be provided?
All shuttles must be requested, set up and confirmed through your GCU admissions representative a minimum of one week prior to your Discover event. After a request for transportation is made through your rep, we will do our best to accommodate. Super Shuttle provides transportation to and from the Phoenix airport. Reserve an airport shuttle or vehicle in advance at

Am I allowed to leave campus during the event?
Discover GCU participants may not leave campus until the event concludes on the second day. Discover GCU participants may only leave campus in the event of a medical emergency. Students must check-out at the conclusion of the program.

I have special needs. What do I do?
Every room in the residence hall is ADA-accessible, but not necessarily ADA-equipped. Discover GCU visitors who are confirmed to attend the event and have special needs should contact Office of Disability Services at 602-639-6342 prior to the event for accommodations. For more information, please visit

Who can I call with additional questions?
Additional questions can be directed to your admissions representative, the toll free number 855-428-7884 or email and your admissions rep will contact you.