Earning Your Online PhD at GCU

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If you are passionate about your field of study, but you have a schedule that makes it challenging to attend classes on a university campus to obtain your doctoral degree, then an online PhD may be a perfect fit for you.

Grand Canyon University offers an online PhD in psychology with a variety of emphases, including performance psychology; cognitive psychology; I/O psychology; and technology, learning and psychology. Each program features an integrated dissertation that allows learners to start the dissertation process immediately.

Online PhD in Performance Psychology

The online PhD in performance psychology appeals to individuals looking to advance their career in sports, business, sales, marketing or higher education, as this degree concentrates on the psychology of human performance in professions that demand excellence in psychomotor performance. Learners examine empirical, research-based approaches to understand mental progressions and thought processes. Upon completion of this program, learners may act as a consultant or accept a leadership position within an organization.

Online PhD in Cognitive Psychology

GCU’s online PhD in cognitive psychology prepares learners to train adult educational communities and develop the best instructional methods by evaluating the construction and analysis of all learning outcomes, including social cognition and assessments. Learners in this program develop useful knowledge in cognitive research and instructional application. After completing their studies, graduates may advance within their careers, whether it be in a government position, school system, or other instructional settings. Graduates may also pursue a career as a teacher or researcher at the university or college level.

Online PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

In the online PhD in I/O psychology degree program, learners extend their knowledge on the psychology behind human behavior at work, employee-management relationships and strategies for improving workplace performance. While enrolled in this program, learners gain an in-depth understanding of the contributors that drive individual performance as well as the external forces that impact these behaviors. Graduates often pursue a career as a consultant, staff psychologist, researcher or teacher at the university level.

Online PhD Psych Tech

Learners interested in studying the influence of mass communication and its effects on organizations and modern society may consider GCU’s online PhD with an emphasis in technology, learning and psychology. The curriculum dives deep into research, statistical analysis, and evidence-based outcomes to improve the use of technology in various environments.

Grand Canyon University is committed to providing high-quality doctoral degree programs for learners to grow and succeed within their career. To learn more about the opportunities available at GCU and the College of Doctoral Studies, visit our website or click the Request More Information button at the top of the page. 

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