3 Ways to Help People with an Engineering Degree with an Emphasis in Robotics


From electronic circuits and thermodynamics to mechanical instrumentation and control systems, students in Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering with an Emphasis in Robotics program explore a broad range of key concepts in robotics engineering. Upon completion of this rigorous curriculum with a robotic emphasis, graduates are prepared to pursue a successful interdisciplinary career in areas such as nuclear engineering, biotechnology and industrial engineering. To help determine if an engineering degree with an emphasis in robotics is the right path for you, consider the following ways in which these professionals can utilize their computer-aided technology skills:

Robotic Surgery

Robotics engineers help people in many respects, one of which is through the development of medical technology systems for robotic surgery. Allowing for incredible precision, reduced blood loss and shorter recovery time, robotic surgery uses advanced technology to perform minimally invasive procedures. For patients, this means less pain, shorter hospital stays and a faster return to their normal activities.

Nuclear Cleanup

Today, robotics technology facilitates the cleanup of nuclear sites where humans cannot survive. Also, small drones equipped with measuring tools, such as accelerometers, air pressure sensors and gyrometers, can be used to investigate contaminated areas and send back maps that identify locations with radioactive material. By designing systems for devices like these, robotics engineers can help restore the environment and simultaneously protect people from exposure to hazardous materials.

Green Products

Robotics engineers can do their part to protect the planet. For example, through the design or programming of robotics applications, these professionals can help green product manufacturers streamline the production process, cut back on waste or reduce fabrication costs. Designing recycling robots, energy-efficient personal mobility devices and autonomous vehicles are a few more examples of how robotics engineers can assist in the production of green products.

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