Finding Tatum’s Purpose: Cooking Classes at Canyon 49

By Tatum Sorrelman

A student eating a sandwich at Canyon 49

I’ve enjoyed eating at Canyon 49 Grill many, many times, and each time I have gone, I am never disappointed in my experience. The last time I went to Canyon 49, I took a cooking class to unleash my inner chef! I had no idea that Canyon 49 offered cooking classes, so when I had the opportunity to try one out, I was in.

I checked it out during winter break, which was a fun activity to do while out of school. Now, this cooking class was not like your typical cooking class. Most cooking classes put you right in the middle of the action. You learn how to cook the recipe hands-on. But at Canyon 49, I got to learn through observing and watched the chef cook in amazement. Then he took the group step by step through the recipe.

Watching the recipe come to life right in front of me was really cool. It actually showed me that the meal he made would not be hard for me to recreate in my on-campus apartment. This was the awesome part of the cooking class – learning recipes that are easy to replicate, even for a college student. One of the best parts about the cooking class by far was that the group could eat what he showed us how to make! That was fantastic because throughout the class I secretly was dying to taste everything. It all looked so delicious as the ingredients came together.

The food was amazing and the class itself was free. It was a cool new experience and a great college memory to have. (I’ll go again for sure.) Anyone can take the cooking classes at Canyon 49! You do not have to be a student, and just like Anton Ego said in the Pixar movie “Ratatouille,” “Anyone can cook!”

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