Lope Serve: GCU’s Newest Student Service

By Chelsea Evans

A hand with food reaching out of a computer screen

Scenario: It’s 10:08 pm on a Sunday night. Your progress on the 1,800-word research paper barely takes up half a page and you still don’t know how to correctly format your paper or what APA even stands for. And to make matters worse? Your last meal was Qdoba at noon.

Sound familiar? Jordan Montgomery, a freshman electrical engineering major, and Anthony Novoa, a freshman computer science major, teamed up to design a resolution to this common problem. Their idea provides a service exclusive to Grand Canyon University students and faculty in which “runners” deliver food directly to the user’s dorm or workplace from any location on campus.

Novoa and Montgomery thought of the idea during the first week of school after making the miserably long trek from the Grove to Lopes Way in 103 degree Phoenix heat. Little did Montgomery know, Novoa had scheduled a meeting with GCU President and CEO Brian Mueller the next day and started working on their company, Lope Serve.

Montgomery expressed how surprised she was upon hearing how this idea had turned into reality seemingly overnight. In the following month, they created the website, gathered interested users and competed in the Phoenix Mobile & IoT Festival sponsored Business Plan Competition, where they won $1,000 to assist with startup costs. They plan on running a beta-test this spring.

Their enthusiasm and passion while discussing plans for their new venture is contagious, rubbing off on all involved. Faculty have been proactive in lending advice, ideas, direction and resources to push them along in the process, while students have been signing up one after another to be a part of this revolutionizing idea. GCU is truly the perfect place for an aspiring entrepreneur desiring ideation and incubation space for their business.

This dedicated pair has been able to take advantage of all resources offered to them at the university during their very first month of college. Not afraid to fail and shooting for the top, they have truly absorbed GCU’s mantra, “find your purpose.”

Novoa concluded, “You have to fail to learn. True failure is not trying.”

With that said, it is important for all students, regardless of year, major or interests, to take ahold of their passion and purpose and run with it. In the case of these two students, they might have the next greatest idea in their hands, which they owe to their sense of fearlessness, proactivity and desire to bring their purpose to life.

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