How to Prepare for an Acting Audition

By Lilt Cooper
Professional Writing Major, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Students preparing for an acting audition

Auditions are a part of the acting process. Though it can be a long process, it’s the first hurdle you must jump to create a great first impression to the casting directors. A great first audition sets the tone for the rest to come and increases your chances of getting your dream role.

Here are some of the best tips when it comes to auditioning! Check them out below:

1. Read the Work

This may seem obvious, but it is very important to stress that you should read the script fully from front to back. You want to be able to answer if they ask you any questions about the script or character development. Reading the full script will also give you an idea on how to play the character and everything you may need to know about them regarding the project.

2. Research

Don’t just look at what you are given at face value. Do your research on the character that you are auditioning for. Figure out their desires, fears, motivations, and development throughout the scenes. This is how you will really connect and become the character.

3. The Audience is on Your Side

Being nervous is common and no doubt will happen. When this does, remember that the audience is on your side. The casting directors want you to do well and are hopeful that you will be the one that they are looking for. There should be no fear in facing them and giving it your all.

4. The Three C’s

Have you heard of the Three C’s? You should always think of the Three C’s when walking into an audition. Be comfortable, charismatic and confident. When you walk into a room, you must take control and be the center focus. If you walk into a room with that demeanor, then it will also shine through your acting abilities.

5. Keep Auditioning

You’ll receive many no’s in your career before you get a yes. However, it only takes one yes to jump-start your career. Don’t be discouraged by not getting a role or a particular part because eventually, all that practicing and auditioning will pay off.

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