What is Sport Psychology?

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If you are interested in studying psychology, it is important to know what specific area interests you the most. You can combine this academic interest with a passion for sports and fitness by enrolling in Grand Canyon University’s program for a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis in Performance and Sport Psychology. Continue reading to take a closer look at this degree:

Sport Psychology Basics

You like sports and you’re interested in psychology, but what does combining these areas actually entail? Sport psychology studies the human mind’s influences on sporting events and other fitness-related activities. While sports may seem like a purely physical activity, there are quite a few mental factors that come into play when athletes are competing. When you study sport psychology, you will learn about how various psychological principles can impact and benefit physical activity.

Sport Psychology Specifics

GCU’s sport psychology degree features a combination of mental health, health and fitness, performing arts, sports and psychology courses, offering students an excellent opportunity for a diverse and exciting academic experience. Students in this program study numerous topics, including cognitive neuroscience, sport and exercise psychology, personality and health, coaching, leadership and team building. This program features core courses such as Adult Development and Aging, Experimental Psychology and Psychology of Coaching. Students may choose from campus classes or online classes.

 Sport Psychology Career Possibilities

After earning your degree in sport psychology, you will be able to pursue a wide variety of career opportunities. This degree can help you on your journey into athletic coaching and training or prepare you to pursue a career in sports and vocational rehabilitation. Other possible career choices include healthcare and education, performing arts coaching and management as well as community outreach.

All students can focus on getting a quality education when they attend Grand Canyon University. If you are interested in GCU’s degree programs, visit the College of Humanities and Social Sciences or click the green Request More Information button at the top of this page.

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