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4 Ways to Support English Language Learners

Teachers, called to foster learning in all students, face challenges every day. English language learners (ELLs) are students whose first language is not English . When communication can pose a...

Weaving Social Justice into the Classroom

The term “social justice” is subject to various definitions and interpretations. Its broadest possible definition is that of a society that grants no special privileges, nor subjects to oppression,...

Teaching at a Private High School

Teaching at a private high school can be a different experience than teaching at a public school. The education degrees offered by Grand Canyon University enable you to pursue a career in either...

Tips for Getting an Online Elementary Education Degree

Grand Canyon University offers convenient, online degree programs to help students achieve their educational goals. One of these programs, the College of Education's Bachelor of Science in Elementary...

History Teaching Style: Thematic or Chronological

Read more to learn about the pros and cons of two different approaches for teaching history in the classroom. Check it out here!

How School Gardens Can Connect to Classroom Learning

Learn how setting up a classroom garden can help your students better engage in the course material.

Setting Up a Makerspace | 3 Things to Consider

Makerspaces, typically set up in a school's library and used by students to make, learn and explore, are growing and popularity. Read more to learn some tips to get your school started on this trend.

5 Book Selection Strategies for Your Classroom

When it comes to selecting texts that are just right for students, educators want to ensure that the texts will not only promote student learning and engagement, but also help students find enjoyment...

Deciding What Type of School to Work in After Graduation

Most conventionally structured school systems include kindergarten through fifth grade in elementary school and sixth through eighth grade in the middle school, with the remainder in high school. It’s...

Top 8 Qualities of Effective Early Educators

At Grand Canyon University, the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education degree helps prepare graduates to find roles as highly-qualified kindergarten through 3rd grade teachers. The degree...

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