September Blog Topic – Celebrating Citizenship

Posted on September 03, 2015  in  [ Teaching & School Administration ]

Celebrating Citizenship is a timely topic for this month as we remember the lives lost and the heroes that made their mark on history rushing through “Ground Zero” on the day of the Sept. 11 attacks.

As an educator, citizenship is a lifestyle that I have continually worked to integrate into the lives of my students by making content relevant to the citizen role in our country.

When I was a primary grades teacher, we frequently used literature to build ideas of being a good citizen. This included helping others, taking care of the Earth and developing opinions.

As a middle school science teacher we discussed topics such as pollution, global warming and self-care.

Now, in higher education, I support my students in developing into citizens who are advocates for the silenced and who collaborate with other community members for the betterment of society.

Students today growing up in America have a great responsibility to not only be good citizens in their communities, but to also be global citizens in the world. This means as an educator I must teach my students about the world and provide opportunities for access to and interaction with global issues such as current events, politics, environment, different people and cultures.

In this way, the classroom becomes a portal to the global community, and the students become ambassadors to make the world a better place.

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