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It seems as the school year comes to an end on campus and switches to summer mode for online studies, there is an encouraging change of pace. Whether it be more family time, summer job, vacations or getting some well-deserved rest, it is a change of pace even if it will still be busy.


Prioritizing Pace

So, what are you resting from? What are you prioritizing to do this summer? My experience is that I usually get about half of what I want to do in the summer completed. In order to do all I want to do, there are always sacrifices. There are things I do not do so I can do what I want to do. I may not eat out for a couple of months to save money for a vacation or just try to sit in the sun a little more and read the stack of books that I have been collecting.

Spiritual Rest or Spiritual Investment?

Have you set priorities for your spiritual life this summer? Do you let church slide as you run to the beach on Sunday morning? Did you pack your Bible in your college boxes and will find it in August? Well, this summer I invite you to something of greater significance. Spiritual disciplines are just that, disciplines. It is a lot easier to get fat than to stay in shape. It is about discipline. Our spiritual lives also require the same focus. Paul stated in Galatians 5:25, “If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit.” The way for us to continue to grow in our Christian walk is by intentional, disciplined forward movement.

Intentionally Stale or Vibrant?

Many times we get tired, stressed out or our spiritual lives just seem flat. We still love the Lord, we still serve the Lord but our relationship is as stale as old bread. After 26 years of marriage, my wife and I can honestly say that there have times when our relationship runs the risk of getting stale. It is not that we do not love each other, it is just that life can crash in on us and we forget to treasure the things most valuable to us. It is the simple things that can be the most meaningful. The bouquet of flowers for her or an evening walk. For me, it is coming home to steak. We find what the needs of each are and find ways to interject that in our lives. The same happens with our relationship with the Lord. If things feel stale to you, maybe it is time to refocus and rekindle your relationship with Jesus with intentionality.

A Gift and a Challenge

This summer we invite you to go on a journey with us. Every Thursday we will give one more edition to the Summer Spiritual Growth Challenge. It will remind you of things that you may not be doing as well as give some new ways to develop your relationship with Jesus. There are brand new horizons, join us as we explore them together.

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