What Is the Study of Theology?

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A College of Theology is meant to support the mission to educate students from a Christian perspective. GCU’s College of Theology provides leadership on campus and helps to integrate faith, learning and work across all academic disciplines. In addition, it has a variety of theology degree programs for students who want to pursue careers in ministry as they prepare to become the next generation of Christian leaders.

Preparing Students to Share the Gospel With Theological Studies

In addition to providing transformative degree programs for individuals who want to go into ministry, the College of Theology helps to prepare all students to share the gospel. No matter what their area of study is, students learn the foundations of the Christian faith and are encouraged to share the powerful message of Jesus with others. Students will likely be required to take a Christian worldview class to learn about Christianity and how it can be lived out in today’s world.

Biblical principles are woven into the curriculum of all degree programs. This gives students the opportunity to carry out a Christian mission and become global citizens, critical thinkers, effective communicators and responsible leaders. As a result, graduates will be able to express aspects of Christian heritage and worldview. Based on this knowledge, they will be able to glorify Christ by displaying kindness, service and integrity in any career they pursue.

Serving the Church Faithfully

The College of Theology exists to serve the church faithfully. The community at GCU is a product of the diversity of traditions and denominations that have developed from the roots of biblical Christianity.

While embracing this diversity, the university cultivates unity around the core doctrines and practices of the Christian faith. GCU believes the gospel of Jesus Christ empowers those who are followers of him to live in community with one another in faith, hope and love. Therefore, the College of Theology encourages leaders to faithfully live out the message they teach and preach.

Cultivating a Missional Community

The College of Theology is mission-oriented, as it aims to share the love of Christ at home and abroad. Christian colleges share the gospel in both the surrounding neighborhood and across the nation and world. The university cultivates a missional community that focuses on following Jesus Christ and is loving and welcoming to all.

Students are taught the value of service and telling others the life-giving message of Christ. Through engaging with Scripture and applying it to their lives, students can set an example for others in the way they live, bringing glory to Christ and making him known in today’s world. During their time at a Christian university, they can grow in their understanding of the value of service. Upon graduation, students are prepared to enter the world and become effective servant-leaders for Christ.

Different Theology Degree Emphases

When delving into theological studies at GCU, it is important to understand that there are many different areas of focus to choose. Pursuing an emphasis can greatly help you in pursuing the ministry or discipline you want to promote.

Youth Ministry

When raising up a new generation of Christians it is important to help them deal with adolescent troubles. Youth ministry helps students to learn about teaching and applying the Bible for children and teens. The core theology degree classes will still focus on the same biblical principles for teaching theology. However, other classes will look how the Bible can help young people with common issues associated with growing up. 


Do you enjoy thinking about how everything fits into the big picture? Do you like trying to understand ethical decisions or how Christianity differs from other religions? If you answered yes, then theological studies with an emphasis in philosophy could be right for you. Philosophy classes will teach to think critically about a variety of topics including ethics, religion and theology. 

Global Ministry

Missionaries play a vital role in spreading God’s word around the world. Global ministry will help prepare you to understand how to do teaching in different nations. You will learn how to communicate with different people groups and make the Bible tangible. Also, you will be taught about different religions and how they differ from the Christian worldview. 

Worship Leadership

Want to become a pastor or help lead worship in a local church? Pursuing a bachelor-level theology degree with a worship leadership emphasis can help you. The courses will look at a theological-based view for leadership. You will also learn how to be effective in ministry. If you believe God is calling you to leadership, consider getting a worship emphasis. 

Biblical Studies

With the Bible being a large part of Christianity, it’s important to study and apply to your life. An emphasis in biblical studies as part of your undergraduate theological studies will help you understand an in-depth view of the Bible.

You will be taught about both the Old and the New Testaments. You will also take classes on the different epistles and prophets. These courses will help to better your understanding and make you a valuable part of any church. 

Grand Canyon University has been training Christians in ministry since its inception. If you are interested in pursuing a career in ministry, GCU's College of Theology has many theology degree programs, including Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry, Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies and Master of Arts in Christian Ministry.

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