Grand Canyon University (GCU) participates with community and national leaders, schools and organizations to help young students and working professionals alike take the next step toward finding their purpose through higher education and advanced career opportunities. We value our diverse network of alliances, working together to provide college-focused programs and career development opportunities for all students. Learn about the participants behind our efforts to elevate educational standards and improve student outcomes.

Strategic Educational Alliances

Launched by GCU to support diverse educational communities, Strategic Educational Alliances (SEA) offers services through participant programs for local and national K-12 public district and charter schools, private schools, home schools and educational organizations. To serve school communities, these no-cost, non-exclusive participant programs offer professional development opportunities, degree discounts, dual enrollment opportunities and more.

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Educational Alliance Participants

GCU's university development counselor maintain relationships with a broad range of employers to provide higher education services. These relationships facilitate programs to help professionals and their employers advance in the workforce. Learn more about participating in our educational alliances.

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