Grand Canyon University (GCU) participates with community leaders, schools and organizations to help learners and working professionals benefit from higher education and its role in career enhancement across all fields. We value our diverse network of alliances, collaborating to offer a wealth of college-focused programs, networking and career development opportunities. Learn about the participants behind our efforts to promote academic excellence, and connect with those in your community and nationally who may provide beneficial information and insights toward professional advancement.

Strategic Educational Alliances

Established by GCU to support broader educational communities, Strategic Educational Alliances develops participant programs for local and national K-12 public district and charter schools, private schools, home schools and educational organizations. Serving school communities, participant programs offer professional development opportunities, degree discounts, dual enrollment opportunities and more.

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Educational Alliance Participants

GCU maintains relationships with a variety of organizations to provide educational and professional development services. Together, we help fulfill the need for specialized skills, leading to growth and success. Learn more about Educational Alliance Participants.

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