Grand Canyon University's (GCU) goals include advancing education for everyone, even beyond the GCU campus and community. To achieve the goal of academic advancement for students, we partner with quality educational organizations, as well as private and government organizations, to develop programs that expand the reach of education. These programs are designed to better the lives of students of all ages and at all stages of life, from graduating high school to earning a college degree.

Strategic Educational Alliances

This initiative offers many U.S. educational organizations such as K-12 public school districts, charter schools, private schools and home schools the means to provide students with ancillary educational opportunities. Students can benefit from job development courses, the ability to start college classes before completing high school, scholarship opportunities and more. Find out about Strategic Educational Alliances.

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Educational Alliance Participants

GCU's Educational Alliance Participants' (EAP) program helps today's business and government organizations advance successful results by educating their staff to become the leaders they need in order to remain globally competitive.

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