Academic advancement is one of Grand Canyon University's (GCU) foundational values, and our aim is to advance educational achievement far beyond our classrooms through our educational alliances. GCU offers two programs that help students of all ages benefit from education. Not only do these programs support students educationally, but they also support business and community success. The curriculum is designed to create a highly skilled workforce equipped with proper training and relevant experience.

Strategic Educational Alliances

GCU's initiative expands our educational offerings to reach a much broader audience. Strategic Educational Alliances (SEA) provides K-12 public districts, charter schools, private schools, home schools and other U.S. educational organizations the means to help students become quality leaders and educational professionals.

These programs offer access to professional development courses, accelerated educational tracks, scholarship opportunities and more. 

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Educational Alliance Participants

The participants in our educational alliances are employers that need to develop specific skills within their workplace. GCU partners with employers to assess skills gaps, develop programs and educate employees in these needed skills. This helps workers and employers stay competitive in a rapidly evolving workplace. 

Learn how reduced tuition and a specialized science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education are helping businesses and employees prepare for future success. 

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