• Residency Program Objectives and Overview

    Residency can help ensure the success and timeliness of your dissertation journey by enabling you to:

    • Learn about the steps in the journey, your role as a doctoral learner and the role of your committee
    • Learn about tools and resources available
    • Work with faculty and staff who are experts in research and the dissertation process
    • Further develop your 10 Strategic Points that provide the architecture for your research
    • Establish a network of peers for ongoing collaboration and support

    Within each session, you apply the discussed concepts to your research with one-on-one coaching from your faculty, who are experienced dissertation chairs and researchers.

  • Attendance at Residency is Required for Academic Progression

    Residency Attendance Policy:

    • Doctoral learners are required to attend Residency as part of their degree program
    • Those who do not attend Residency during the first 24 credit hours of their program will not be allowed to register for further coursework until the first Residency requirement is fulfilled
    • Learners who have not fulfilled their second Residency requirement by the completion of 42 credit hours will not be allowed to register for further coursework until the second Residency requirement is fulfilled
    • Learners must be in attendance at all sessions from 3 pm on Day 1 until noon on Day 5 to receive Residency credit
    • All Residency requirements must be fulfilled as a graduation requirement.

    Attendance at Residency is required for academic progression!

  • 2016 Residency Offerings

    Phoenix, AZ Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak
    May 9-13 (online April 28-May 18)
    May 16-20 (online May 5-May 25)
    Aug. 1-5 (online July 21-Aug. 10)
    Aug. 8-12 (online July 28-Aug. 17)
    Aug. 15-19 (online Aug. 4-Aug. 24)
    Sept. 12-16 (online Sept. 1-Sept. 21)

    Phoenix, AZ GCU Main Campus
    May 2-6 (online April 21-May 11)
    May 23-27 (online May 12-June 1)
    June 6-10 (online May 26-June 15)
    June 13-17 (online June 2-June 22)
    June 20-24 (online June 9-June 29)
    June 27- July 1 (online June 16-July 6)
    July 11-15 (online June 30-July 20)
    July 18-22 (online July 7-July 27)
    July 25-29 (online July 14-Aug. 3)

    • The three-week online portion is designed to allow early access to your course materials and additional resources prior to your arrival at Residency. Learners should review the syllabus on the first day of class for online due dates. The entire Residency course is designed to run concurrently with another doctoral class. For specific information regarding how this affects your method of payment, please speak with your Student Services Advisor.
    • Online classes will run for three weeks, starting two Thursdays prior to the first day of the on-site portion
    • Learners are permitted one spot at Residency for the year. Cancelling your registration will result in relinquishing your spot. You will not be guaranteed another spot in a different week
  • Residency Locations

    Phoenix, Arizona Residencies will be held at:
    Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort
    7677 N. 16th St,
    Phoenix, AZ 85020


    GCU Main Campus
    3300 W. Camelback Rd.,
    Phoenix, AZ 85217

    Sleeping accommodations at:
    GCU Hotel
    5050 N Black Canyon Hwy.
    Phoenix, AZ 85017

    Note: A shuttle will be available to and from the GCU Hotel.

    The Orlando Residencies will be held at:
    Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista
    8100 Lake St.
    Orlando, FL 32836

  • Residency Tuition and Fee

    The 2016 Residency fee* is as follows:

    • $995 for all Orlando sessions
    • $975 for all Pointe Hilton sessions
    • $775 for all GCU Main Campus sessions
    • Includes:
    • One-on-one coaching from the faculty
    • Hotel room for four nights (arrival Monday - departure Friday)
      Note: GCU will not secure your hotel room unless travel plans are submitted 45 days prior to your Residency date.
    • Wireless internet access
    • The following meals:
      • Four breakfasts
      • Three lunches
      • Number of dinners, varies by location
      • Daily snacks
    • Not included: Costs associated with traveling to/from the Residency location and meals not listed above.
      *Residency is a three-credit course and subject to applicable tuition rates in addition to the residency fee.
  • Schedule Notes

    • Residency will take place in the hotel conference center or on the GCU Main Campus
    • Online class starts two Thursdays prior to Day 1 of on-site portion
    • Residency starts at 3 pm on Day 1 and ends at noon on Day 5
          Learners must be in attendance online and at all on-site sessions to receive
          Residency credit.
    • Residency registration is from 1 - 3 pm on Day 1
    • Hotel check-in time is 4 pm (arrivals before 4 pm will be accommodated as rooms become available)
    • Hotel check-out time is 11 am

    Actual Residency schedules will be posted on the DC Network® under the Residency tab.

  • Campus Tour for Phoenix Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Sessions

    What to Expect:

    • Walking guided tour of the campus in Phoenix, AZ
    • “Meet and Greet” with University Leadership Team
    • Bookstore shopping time
    • Dinner
    Sessions held at the GCU Main Campus will not have an organized tour. Learners will be provided with the opportunity to tour campus as part of their daily schedule.
  • RSD 851 and RSD 881 Pre-Assignment

    • Your Pre-Assignment will be posted on the DC Network®
    • You must submit the Pre-Assignment to LoudCloud prior to your arrival to receive full credit for this assignment
    • Specific instructions for the Pre-Assignment and course materials are located in the RSD Folders on the Residency tab in the DC Network® . Course materials are available now.
  • Checklist

    To help ensure you have a successful Residency, we suggest you confirm the following as soon as possible:

    • Airline reservation
      • Book early to save money, but be aware of change/cancellation restrictions
      • Important: Plan travel to accommodate Residency start of 3 pm Monday and noon. Friday wrap up
      • Submit travel plans on your personal travel webform 45 days before your Residency date to complete your registration process
    • Tuition (paid in full)
    • Food budget (consider expenses while en-route, plus budget for dinners on your own)
    • Time off (confirmed with workplace/employer)
    • Family schedule (confirmed support systems are in place during time away from home)
    • Residency Pre-Assignment (completed and deposited in your classroom assignment folder)
    • Business casual attire (no jeans or shorts)
    • Layers of clothing (outside/ inside temperatures vary)
    • Laptop, chargers, power cords and electronic version of textbooks
    • Special needs communicated to disabilityoffice@gcu.edu at least a month prior to arrival

    Please feel free to email your Residency questions to residency@gcu.edu or contact your Student Services Advisor.

  • Tips for Success from Your Peers

    • Read, read, read: research dissertations and empirical articles on your topic and bring them to Residency
    • Prepare: spend time on completing the Pre-Assignment as this will better align your research
    • Complete other course work before your arrival at Residency to get the most value out of the week
    • Use the evenings to apply the learning to develop or revise your Prospectus or Proposal
    • Engage: network with the various faculty and staff to develop a collaboration and support team

    Overall, your peers felt rejuvenated, excited and focused after Residency.

  • Please visit the DC Network®