Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

Program Mission

The mission of the Grand Canyon University Athletic Training Educational Program is to prepare superior quality athletic training professionals while teaching them to become global citizens, critical thinkers, effective communicators and responsible leaders by providing academically challenging, values-based curriculum from the context of our Christian heritage. 

Program Goals

To prepare competent entry level Athletic Trainers in the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective learning domains

To provide a student focused educational environment that, while meeting the professional requirement of athletic training, is capable of meeting a student's individual needs with concern and flexibility

To challenge students to academic excellence and optimize student's abilities in the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective learning domains

To encourage students to think critically, analyze situations, learn to solve problems, adapt to situations, and challenge others to optimal skills and abilities

To assist students in their Christian faith journey and in how to apply that faith, with its moral and ethical tenets, in the profession of athletic training

To encourage students to prepare for entry into high schools either as full time athletic trainers or as teacher-trainers

To prepare students for any role or employee setting as defined by the state of Arizona athletic training practice act

To offer various clinical education experiences for students to understand employment opportunities and make contact for possible employment

The objectives of Grand Canyon University Athletic Training Education Program are to provide the student athletic trainers with exceptional learning experiences to gain the knowledge and practical skills required to be a highly competent, functional, and well-rounded athletic trainer, including the ability to:

Identify specific injuries and illnesses and provide the appropriate immediate care
Plan and implement a risk management and injury prevention program for various sports
Evaluate and distinguish various injuries
Establish proper usage of various therapeutic modalities
Design therapeutic exercises for rehabilitation of injuries
Differentiate between various pharmaceuticals and their uses
Organize and provide administration of an athletic training program
Design research and gain the ability to develop professionally
Intervene when necessary concerning psychosocial events
Counsel athletes in general nutrition and ergogenic aids