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Lifelong Learning Assessment

Students deciding to complete their undergraduate degree later in life may possess valuable experiences that equate to college credits.
Institutional Effectiveness defines 'Lifelong Learning Experiences' as:

"A real-life event that was experienced first-hand, has generated an extensive amount of personal and professional learning that is equivalent to college-level academic rigor and quality, and has created a significant life change in the learner (i.e., an increased capacity to live and apply the learning in new contexts). These learning experiences are most valued when they are job-based (or volunteerism), but they should involve engaging in activities for significant amounts of time (e.g., several years or more), are non-episodic (i.e., not one-time events), and are context-embedded within naturally occurring life events during the adult years of life."

The Lifelong Learning Assessment program allows students to earn up to eight general education or elective credits based on one or more essays that demonstrate the mastery of already acquired college-level knowledge. The program begins with successful completion of ENG-135. For the course you earn four credits, and, as mentioned above, you may earn eight additional credits for your essays.  

Each essay is submitted with documentation that validates your experiences.  Examples of documentation include (but are not limited to) job evaluations from employers, government documents, newspaper accounts, police reports, and affidavits from community leaders.

 The chart below shows how the Lifelong Learning Assessment program may reduce your in-class time by as much as 14 weeks and reduce your tuition by as much as $3,420.


Tuition Cost In-Class Time
Without LLA $5,580 (12 Credits) 21 Weeks
With LLA $2,160 (12 Credits) 7 Weeks
Total Saving =       $3,420                           14 Weeks**       

*These 12 credits pertain to 4 credits for ENG-135 and 8 additional credits for LLA papers.
**Minimum savings of 14 weeks. 


For questions related to the Lifelong Learning Assessment (LLA) paper process, please contact the Institutional Effectiveness at the information below:

• Email:
• Or phone your Academic Counselor

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