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Reach the pinnacle of higher education with a doctoral degree from GCU. We offer a variety of EdD, DBA, DNP and PhD degree options so you can enroll in a doctoral program that matches your professional path. Choose from online or evening platforms to integrate your studies into your active lifestyle.

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Alumni Doctoral Degree Scholarship
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GCU alumni enrolling in a doctoral program for the first time may be eligible for a $2,000 scholarship.* Request more information about this opportunity.

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Why Choose GCU for Your Doctorate Degree

With a doctoral degree from GCU, you will develop independent research skills to make a difference in your field. GCU’s College of Doctoral Studies is focused on increasing your specialized knowledge to develop you into a 21st-century leader. PhD degrees are designed to be academically rigorous and intellectually challenging, yet collaborative, with opportunities to network with other doctoral learners. GCU offers doctorate degree programs for business, education, nursing and psychology.

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With a doctoral studies program you will gain:

You will learn how to communicate goals, determine individual strengths and utilize them to promote team effectiveness with a doctoral degree.

After accomplishing your ability to produce independent research through the highest degree level, you will be qualified and equipped for leadership roles and professional growth within your field.

Those holding a doctoral degree are more likely to be satisfied within their job due to the increased opportunities and salary benefits of their prestigious degree.

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Doctoral Degree FAQs

Doctorate degrees are the highest level of an academic degree that can be achieved. For this reason, they are considered “terminal” degrees. Doctorate degrees come in many different forms, such as a PhD, EdD, DBA and more.

The cost of a doctorate degree is dependent on the type of degree and the university offering it. GCU is committed to providing an affordable, quality education. For specific information on your program’s cost, visit our Tuition and Finance page.

The length of doctorate programs depends heavily on the program expectations and the pace of the learner. Doctoral programs vary in credit and thesis requirements. For an estimate on how long it may take you to complete your preferred program, contact a counselor who can guide you through the requirements.

A PhD is considered a doctorate degree; however, not all doctoral degrees are PhD programs. The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is just one form of a doctoral degree. There are additional forms of doctoral degrees, such as an EdD or a DBA.

*MOU-Alumni Monthly Sep2021: The Alumni Scholarship for Doctoral Programs is only valid for those applicants who submit a complete application and begin a Doctoral program in September 2021. This scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other GCU scholarship or awards and only applies to online and evening programs. Please speak to a university counselor for complete details.

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