Doctoral Degrees at GCU

With a doctoral degree from GCU, you will develop independent research skills to make a difference in your field. GCU’s College of Doctoral Studies is focused on increasing your specialized knowledge to develop you into a 21st-century leader. Degrees are designed to be academically rigorous and intellectually challenging, yet collaborative, with opportunities to network with other doctoral learners.

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With a doctorate degree you will gain:

With a doctoral degree, you will learn how to communicate goals, determine individual strengths and utilize them to promote team effectiveness.

After accomplishing your ability to produce independent research through the highest degree level, you will be qualified and equipped for leadership roles and professional growth within your field.

Those holding a doctorate degree are more likely to be satisfied within their job due to the increased opportunities and salary benefits that their prestigious degree produces.*

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Reach the pinnacle of higher education with a doctoral degree from GCU. We offer a variety of EdD, DBA, DNP and PhD degree options so you can enroll in a doctoral program that matches your professional path. Choose from online or evening platforms to integrate your studies into your active lifestyle.

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