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LLA Topic Approval Form

Begin your Lifelong Learning journey by completing the form below. Your name, student ID, and email allow us to respond to your requests quickly (usually within three business days). Click the Topic dropdown menu to see the topics currently offered through Lifelong Learning Assessment (LLA).

A short sentence or two about your adult experience is all we need to start evaluating your request. Example: using our Parenting topic, you can simply state, "I am raising my three children; ages 9, 10, and 12. The oldest was born when I was 20 years old." The first sentence clearly outlines the opportunity for parenting. The second sentence shows this occurred during the adult years of life (a requirement of LLA). When submitting your LLA paper, copies of birth certificates are used to validate your experience.

If you use an existing topic, you may only use the subtopics provided in the Topic dropdown menu (below). If you don't see a topic that relates to your experience, select "Other" and explain your experiences and the name of your proposed topic. You may also propose your own subtopics. You can review one of the existing topics to appreciate how the subtopics are used to capture a broad, college-level understanding of each topic.

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