Excelsior College Examinations

Unlike the other testing methods included in this section, some Excelsior examinations include written essays. There are some that are multiple choice and other alternative formats.

Excelsior offers exams in the following areas, and some even count for upper division credit.

  • Arts & Sciences Exams
  • Business Exams
  • Education Exams
  • Nursing Exams (Baccalaureate)

The exams are listed within the University Policy Handbook. Make sure to contact your Student Services Advisor to verify that content is needed as a program requirement.

For more information on Excelsior College Examinations, please visit the Excelsior website.

Be sure to contact your Student Services Advisor to make sure this testing option is the best option for your educational situation.

Students interested in taking an Excelsior exam, should visit the Excelsior website for more information.