About TEAM Documents

Grand Canyon University has partnered with Maricopa Community Colleges (MCC) to bring a bachelor's degree within closer reach. This initiative provides students with a seamless transition into a bachelor's degree program at GCU after the conclusion of a two-year community college degree. As part of this initiative, GCU has created the Transfer Evaluation and Articulation with Maricopa (TEAM) documents that assist students through their journey. The preferred courses at MCC have been outlined in the documents listed below. These courses set the foundations for the successful completion of a degree at GCU.

By utilizing the TEAM documents, students can achieve both an associates and a bachelor's degree within the most efficient timeframe. To begin your journey toward the pursuit of a 4-year degree, choose your desired field of study and follow the semester guide.
Transfer Information at GCU

If you have any questions about the order or the specific classes that are suggested, please contact the GCU admissions representative for your community college.

Associate in Arts to Bachelor of Science or Arts Degrees

Associate in Science to Bachelor of Science Degrees

Associate in Business-General Requirements to Bachelor of Science Degrees