Business administration, nursing practice and leadership are only a few of Grand Canyon University's (GCU) doctoral programs, preparing you to face critical challenges within the work environment. Throughout our doctorate degree programs, we also provide emphasis opportunities that range from behavioral health and Christian ministry to industrial and organizational psychology. Develop your passion for your field of study and prepare for leadership within your profession and community.

The College of Doctoral Studies allows you to pursue an accelerated degree path within a collaborative community of faculty and scholars. The dissertation process begins early in each doctorate program, helping you move quickly toward completing your doctoral degree. Each doctoral program is designed in collaboration with authorities in their respective disciplines. We encourage you to benefit from helpful research assistance, close mentoring and exceptional grant opportunities.

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Doctoral DNA

“DNA” is a symbolic representation of our doctoral journey – a framework we use to describe the building blocks of our doctorate programs. Here are several main components:

  • Academic Support - Available from multiple areas across each program
  • Courses - Core content, research and emphasis courses 
  • Research Knowledge and Skills - Introduced in research courses and reinforced in content and emphasis courses
  • Research Artifacts and Assessments - Develop dissertation and knowledge and skills related to program outcomes

Flexible Learning Options

Our learning options offer the flexibility you need to balance being a learner and having a professional career. Attend evening classes at one of our many campus locations or pursue doctoral degrees online at your convenience. Enjoy innovative digital classrooms, a virtual doctoral community and a rich library of research always at your fingertips.

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All doctoral learners are required to participate in residencies as part of their doctoral degree program. These stimulating and engaging learning experiences allow you the opportunity to collaborate with fellow learners and receive one-on-one coaching in a scholarly environment.

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