Office of Assessment

Grand Canyon University has instituted a campus-wide, multi-level, effective assessment program. The University has fostered a culture of assessment and improvement by implementing a strategic planning process which has produced institutional goals and benchmarks against which institutional efficiency and effectiveness can be measured; by establishing a strong foundation for course, program, and institutional level assessment of student learning; and by formulating and implementing a process for assessment of undergraduate general education core skills and graduate mission domains and competencies.

The Office of Assessment is charged with

  • assessing all factors related to student learning, usefulness and rigor of existing curricula, and institutional effectiveness
  • informational reporting and analysis of data that pertain to student learning and institutional effectiveness and are integral in the design of long-term reporting solutions

Assessment at GCU is ongoing, intentional, thorough, and applicable so that it will have the most significant possible impact on improvement of student learning and university functions and processes. The processes of assessment and improvement of learning and institutional effectiveness are reflective of the mission, pillars, guiding principles and foundational statements of Grand Canyon University. The ultimate goal of this effort is to improve student learning and the total university experience by enhancing instructional effectiveness, removing obstacles to learning, facilitating student persistence toward completion of a degree or program and demonstrating purposeful effort toward institutional effectiveness.

For More Information Please Contact:

Phone: 602-639-6106
Fax: 602-639-7846

Director of Academic Assessment
Judith Eroe , 602-639-6095

Assessment Coordinator  
Janet Smigielski, 602-639-7546

Senior Assessment and IR Specialist  
Eric Liu, 602-639-6839

IR Specialist
Dan Trammell, 602-639-6962