The Office of Assessment facilitates the selection, development, deployment and continual improvement of specialized assessment instruments and approaches, including a wide range of surveys. The Office of Assessment has worked to develop and implement a systematic and robust approach to obtaining input from the university's constituencies which includes recurring faculty and student End of Course surveys (EOCS), a Technological Literacy competency survey, an Alumni survey, Spiritual Life surveys and a wide variety of other discipline- and area-specific surveys.

Faculty and Student End of Course Surveys

Administered through the course management system, the survey response rate has improved significantly to its current rate of over 17,000 respondents each month. Results are collected, analyzed and disseminated to administration, deans and individual faculty within two weeks of each term conclusion. The survey data is used to implement a wide-range of curricular and non-curricular improvement actions.

Discipline- and Area-Specific

In several of the individual colleges, learning outcomes at both the program and course levels are based on national standards and competencies. Thus, for programs with specialized external accreditation, how data is collected, analyzed, interpreted and used is strongly influenced by the requirements of various accrediting bodies. The College of Education, the College of Nursing and the Colangelo College of Business have multiple external licensure and accreditor requirements. The Office of Assessment assists these colleges in data collection and analysis, as well as in determining additional measures and instruments necessary to gather and analyze the data for their purposes. Additional surveys are deployed for service areas of the University to gather data that informs institutional efficiency and effectiveness. Assessment of student learning results, targeted survey reports and EOCS data contribute much of the information required for internal and external accountability and success.