Grand Canyon University Clubs


Grand Canyon University is home to an array of diverse clubs and organizations created and run by students. Student clubs and organizations provide an opportunity to get involved outside the classroom, further passions, make new personal and professional connections and develop leadership skills.

Leadership Development

Many important skills and lessons are learned outside of the classroom-participation in clubs and organizations can help students gain valuable leadership skills. Emerging student leaders have the opportunity to gain experience. Club participation also provides students with opportunities to achieve their educational, social and spiritual goals.


GCU Clubs
Our goal here at GCU Clubs is to foster development of student organizations that enhance student education, leadership skills and academic achievements. When you give to Grand Canyon University Clubs, you help foster the professional development of student leaders across campus. Your donation helps to aid in student-led endeavors and experiences here at Grand Canyon University.

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Grand Canyon University Clubs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID 27-3825327.

*GCU Clubs consists of clubs and organizations that are academically focused and professional in nature. Recreational and leisure based clubs that meet set guidelines are also part of the organization. Please note that no purely social clubs and political orgs are permitted, and those that exist on campus will not be afforded any donation given to the organization.