Become a Business Leader with an MBA Degree

Separate yourself from the crowd with a highly-coveted Master of Business Administration degree from the Colangelo College of Business. With so many individuals wishing to advance in business, an MBA degree can provide that necessary "edge" to help you stand out. Move ahead of your peers before increased employment competition and organizational demands require an MBA for career advancement.

Grand Canyon University's MBA degree program is built around the college's pillars of innovation, servant leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. The challenging curriculum emphasizes using marketing, management, finance and leadership skills toward achieving personal and organizational success. What you learn in class each week can be applied in your workplace the next day. This ACBSP-accredited business degree program also allows you to choose a specialization or emphasis for deeper, focused knowledge in an area that you wish to excel.

A bachelor's degree in business is not required to earn an MBA. However, if you do have a business degree, you may be able to complete the MBA program in less time.

You can earn this invaluable business degree as an evening student on our Phoenix campus or 100 percent online. These options allow you to learn, around your schedule, maintain a work-life balance and help advance both your career and education together.

MBA Degree Programs:

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