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A Job Focused Education

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences exemplifies a premier education at a private Christian university where quality instruction and student learning are the primary objectives. With an intentionally-small class size,  instructors are dedicated to the highest quality instruction and success of students.  The College provides a premier learning environment and opportunity for mastery of course material. In addition to the high quality learning environment provided by the College in each course, faculty and staff work closely with students outside of the classroom to create a supportive extracurricular environment focused on the personal growth, community awareness and professional development of each student.

Graduates from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences can be confident that they have received the highest levels of academic preparation and personal support, providing them with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to be leading critical thinkers, global citizens, effective communicators and responsible servant leaders in their profession and in society.

The College's general education curriculum provides the groundwork upon which all Grand Canyon University's undergraduate students' educational experiences are built. Skills in critical thinking, problem solving, integration of faith and discipline, global awareness, effective communication and servant leadership are introduced and developed through introductory courses in composition, communication and information literacy, philosophy, history, psychology, sociology, mathematics and science.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences embraces and supports the culture and Christian heritage of the University through which it promotes a spirit of servant leadership, thus creating strong and broad educational and external communities within which they can minister and serve.