Online DNP Program

Ambitious advance-practice nurses and nurse leaders constantly see opportunities to improve nursing practices and organizational processes that have a positive impact on health care outcomes. These opportunities are made a reality at GCU. The practice-focused Doctor of Nursing Practice online program prepares scholars to translate existing research into innovative solutions, while integrating a Christian perspective.

Rigorous curriculum meets online convenience

The online Doctor of Nursing Practice program or DNP consists of 12, eight-week courses with an up-to-date curriculum. Through peer discussion, scholars build upon current theoretical and scientific foundations of health care practice. This includes the design and evaluation of clinical solutions and clinical and organizational change leadership.

Other Topics of Interest from the program include:

  • Health care information technology
  • Emerging areas of human health
  • Applied science in advanced nursing
  • Translation of research into practice
  • Population management
  • Data analysis
  • Patient outcomes and sustainable change
  • Leadership for advanced nursing practice

Tailor the DNP to your professional goals

Throughout the Doctor of Nursing Practice online program, scholars are immersed in practice activities that provide greater depth and application to learning.

For example, a scholar interested in health policy may spend time at the legislature interviewing health policy leaders or serve on education committees to enhance legislators' understanding of key health care issues.

Additionally, learners will identify an organizational change leadership topic or health practice that will become the basis of their Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) project. This evidence-based research project is completed during the last three scheduled courses in the DNP program.

*Up to 500 practice immersion hours can be transferred in with appropriate documentation in transcript
**Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) project contingent upon approval by Institutional Review Board committee

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DNP Program Features

  • Online program with no residency or campus visits required
  • Twelve, 8-week courses (36 credits and 1,000 practice immersion hours*)
  • Complete in about two years
  • Vibrant online learning community that facilitates collaboration and connection among scholars and faculty
  • DPI project focused on a clinical practice or organizational leadership initiative of your choice**
  • 24/7 access to an extensive online nursing and doctoral library with research services
  • Placement available for clinical and practice sites
  • Competitive tuition and fees

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